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£7 per day equates to our clients spending approximately 25p for every 100 customers their facebook posts reaches. Our facebook clients are reaching up to 1.2 million people per year. This ROI could never be achieved with any newspaper/magazine or radio and it is such an affordable way to advertise.


Our businesses are receiving numerous orders daily through their messenger just like another ordering line or reception. We manage all this on their behalf with clear communication lines open with the owners/managers of the business.


We find a lot of business owners are skeptical, they don't know enough about managing a facebook page, creating interesting content or sometimes don't see how an outside company can organise their content, communication with internal staff and also trust an outside company to manage the companies image and reputation.


It's up to us to show you how we can be trusted with your image, marketing and communication on your social media pages. Our track record below shows what ROI we can achieve for you and we would like you to hear direct from some of our customers instead of taking our word for it - see their comments below.




from current customers



376,830 people INSIDE 2 weeks




Over 1 million people in 8 weeks

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Is this service pricey?



Certainly not, our prices are very reasonable and start from only

£7 per day for one post per day and by responding to this email we are offering a 50% off the first month so you can trial the service before committing long-term.*




We also offer a short-term packages just to set-up content or train internal staff to manage long-term. Contact us to arange a FREE consultation Tel: 028 258 21953 or email:



What is included?




Our service includes a high design aspect to the content. Images are always high quality. Graphic design will be included to make up posters for special offers, competitions, advertise a new service/product etc. We also use a lot of video to bring a real life feel to the page and animate stills. With many years of marketing consultation for small and large firms we work continuously with managers to advise and brainstorm new ideas to put in place a well constructed yearly marketing plan.


The package includes responding to all messages on the page within a few hours including weekends. We educate ourselves on all your services and products as much as possible and if we can’t answer enquiries we will direct them to the relevant department but always responding to the customer as soon as possible and keeping them informed.

Take note of these figures: 1.79 billion, Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (200 million)—combined. (Source: CNBC) Facebook continues to reign in popularity over other social media channels.

People expect your business to be active on these platforms and are more likely to look up social media FIRST than your website. On a daily basis, 23% using it up to 5 times a day. If you aren’t there to listen to, and talk to them, you are missing out, and your business could be suffering. Social Media is allowing even small companies to reach thousands of people.




Whats the process?


1. We would firstly meet for a full discussion and initially it would take us a

few days/weeks gathering all your company information, images, videos, products etc.


2. We would categorise each set of photographs into the relevant departments if applicable and with the help of a dedicated manager categorise the descriptions of products, the best selling points, value added services your business offers and collect any special offers for the coming months.


3. We would then visit regularly or communicate weekly/fornightly with a dedicated manager to keep on top of new arrivals or special offers.


4. We would setup a few means of communication to make it as easy and straightforward as possible to transfer photos and product/offer details. This may be through a private facebook group/ email/ whats app/ or simply by telephone.


Arrange a FREE Consultation 



Email directly to to arrange your Free Consultation










  1. Worldwide, there are over 1.79 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs) which is a 16 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook as of 11/02/16) What this means for you: In case you had any lingering doubts, statistically, Facebook is too big to ignore.
  2. 4.5 billion likes generated daily as of May 2013 which is a 67 percent increase from August 2012 (Source: Facebook)
  3. 1.18 billion people log onto Facebook daily active users (Facebook DAU) for September 2016, which represents a 17% increase year over year (Source: Facebook as 11/02/16) The Implication: A huge and vastly growing number of Facebook users are active and consistent in their visits to the site, making them a promising audience for your marketing efforts.
  4. There are 1.66 billion mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) for September 2016 (Source: Facebook as of 11/02/16) an increase of 20 percent year-over-year.  There are 1.03 billion Mobile Daily Active Users (Facebook DAU) for June 2016 which is an increase of 22% year-over-year.
  5. On average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily. (Source: Facebook as of 10/2/2014)
  6. In Europe, over 307 million people are on Facebook. (Source: Search Engine Journal) The Takeaway: This isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon – a worldwide market is available via Facebook.
  7. Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic. (Source:Emarketer 2012) What this means for you: This is the prime target demographic for many businesses’ marketing efforts, and you have the chance to engage these key consumers on Facebook.
  8. Five new profiles are created every second. (Source: ALLFacebook 2012) The Implication: Your potential audience on Facebook is growing exponentially.
  9. Facebook users are 76% female (out of 100% of all females) and 66% male (out of 100% of all males). This is stat is one that you really have to think about because it’s comparing the percentage of all females against the percentage of all males who are on Facebook. Sorry for the confusion. To dig a little deeper take a look at this study which does a much better job at explaining the nuances – Source: Brandwatch – The Takeaway: Since this isn’t a large statistical difference, you should be able to effectively reach both genders on Facebook.
  10. Highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1 to 3 pm. (Source: blog) On another note, a Facebook post at 7pm will result in more clicks on average than posting at 8pm (Source:  Forbes). Go figure.  How this can help you: You have the potential to reach more consumers and drive higher traffic to your site during peak usage times, but people may be more likely to be more engaged in the evenings. This statistic may be a factor when you are planning social communication scheduling. (Also consider that Facebook has a global audience, so you may want to plan around the time zone of your key market.)
  11. On Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher. (Source: blog) The Implication: Again, use this information to determine when to post in order to optimize your social media marketing efforts.
  12. There are 83 million fake profiles. (Source: CNN) The Takeaway: Nothing is perfect, so always remain thoughtful and strategic in your efforts. Also, fake or not, these are still potential consumers. There are various reasons for fake profiles, including professionals doing testing and research, and people who want to segment their Facebook use more than is possible with one account.
  13. Photo uploads total 300 million per day. (Source: Gizmodo) The Implication: Again, this is an indication of engaged users; also, it is an indication that there are a lot of photos, as well as other information, competing for users’ attention, so target your efforts strategically.
  14. Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes. (Source: Infodocket) What this means for you: You could have a short time period to make your impression, so use it wisely with relevant, interesting and unique posts and offers in order to get the most return on your efforts.
  15. Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. (Source: The Social Skinny) The Implication: Again, there are a lot of engaged and active users, but also a huge amount of information competing for their attention, so quality and strategy on your part matter.
  16. 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily as of May 2013 which is a 94 percent increase from August 2012. (Source: Facebook)
  17. 50% of 18-24 year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up. (Source: The Social Skinny) What this means for you: Facebook is important to these users, and potentially, if done correctly, so is the content you post on it.
  18. One in five page views in the United States occurs on Facebook. (Source: Infodocket 2012) How this helps you: This is a huge market on the web; if you use social media marketing efforts on Facebook well, you could have huge returns to show for it.
  19. 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business. (Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2012 The Takeaway: This is a crowded marketplace, but you can’t afford to sit it out, because odds are fairly high that your competition is there. The key is to use Facebook marketing correctly and make sure that your efforts stand out from the crowd.
  20. 16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013 which is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012. (Source: Facebook). Facebook marketing has transformed how business is conducted, and its use by local businesses to extend their markets continues to explode.



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